GoodPlanet Foundation

Yann Arthus-Bertrand

Yann Arthus-Bertrand

Set up in 2005 by Yann Arthus-Bertrand, the foundation aims to raise awareness and educate the public on protecting the environment. GoodPlanet invites us to adopt a lifestyle that respects the Earth and its inhabitants, proposing realistic and optimistic solutions and encouraging everyone to act in favour of the planet based on a series of programmes that it develops and consolidates constantly so that "ecology catches on in everyone's awareness".

From its website, GoodPlanet provides us with complete and accurate information, in English and French, on everything related to sustainable development. The site offers us more than 2500 pages of news, debates and editorials written by the best specialists.

Educating on sustainable development

Why is sustainable development important?

Exhibition that works jointly with French schools tackling topics related to sustainable development, biodiversity, energy and water.

The house of Change

As a project open to the public, the Foundation has created an exemplary structure from an ecological point of view that shows us why we have to change our lifestyles and consumption and teaches us how to do it.

Supportive GoodPlanet

With this project, the Foundation is supporting companies, helping them to choose and monitor the projects, whilst bringing together the fields of international solidarity and the environment.

Awareness-raising through images

6 thousand million Others

Thousands of testimonials from men and women all over the world express their fears, happiness and aspirations, giving a rich and honest image of humanity at the start of the 21st century.

Exhibitions on biodiversity: "Alive"

Photograph exhibition on biodiversity. 92 images taken by famous animal photographers, accompanied by texts that offer initiatives and solutions to attain a world that puts respecting the Earth and its resources first.

Commitment to the climate

Action Carbone

This programme aims to limit our impact on the climate. It allows companies, institutions and individuals to calculate, reduce and compensate their CO2 emissions. Action Carbone finances environmental sponsorship projects and informs about the carbon impact in these projects.

The 10:10 campaign

This campaign, articulated around a simple idea: everyone can do something and it's easy, GoodPlanet is mobilising us against climate change. It is based on a voluntary commitment and invites each person, company, collective or organisation to reduce its greenhouse gas emission by 10%.


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