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  • 5.600 interviews filmed
  • 40 questions
  • 78 countries
  • 4.800 hours filming
  • 5 years
  • Over 45 languages

After flying over the planet for 10 years to produce "The Earth from the Sky", Yann Arthus-Bertrand started the project "6 thousand million Others" in 2003.

From a Brazilian fisherman to a Chinese shopkeeper, a German artist to an Afghan farmer, they all answered the same questions on their fears, their dreams, their difficulties and their hopes. From the most superficial to the deepest testimony, their emotion makes us spend more time thinking about it. Now we also have the chance to get to know these men and women in a trip to the heart of our humanity to reflect together on human and cultural diversity.

"6 thousand million Others" was born from the simple desire to know the Other: learning to live together is, above all, wanting to get to know each other, daring to take the first step, asking yourself questions, listening and entering the story of the Other. By bringing together testimonies filmed throughout the world, "6 thousand million Others" actually brings together the diversity of the Others and, at the same time, makes us feel the more universal aspects of being human.

To associate these portraits, make them talk to each other and bring out their diversity, the shooting team had to choose a common 'language':


© 6 thousand million Others / GoodPlanet


© 6 thousand million Others / GoodPlanet


© Florian Geyer / 6 thousand million Others / GoodPlanet

The same questionnaire

Forty questions look at issues in our everyday life: family, love, happiness. But also things that separate us: war, some values or convictions.

The same frame

Each face is filmed identically: close up in a vertical frame. The proximity of the face establishes a direct relationship. It attracts the audience's attention in the same way that it attracted ours.

The same approach

The material chosen responds to a desire to create an intimate atmosphere. A light camera, a caption, and two microphones: each reporter can handle the sound and pictures by themselves, whilst also carrying out the interview. During the shooting, the reporter aims to make the encounter as personal and unique as possible. To do this, they have to give a lot of themselves to each interview. Trust is established by exchange. Although the interviewee understands the universal scope of the interview, they talk to the reporter spontaneously and honestly.


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