Poetic retrospective. Antton Elizegi photographic collection

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This retrospective exhibition of the San Telmo Museum shows the photographic and poetic itinerary of the Guipuzcoan photographer through images of the physical environment lived by the last local generation of Gipuzkoa prior to technification.

  • 8-2-2020 // 30-08-2020.
  • From Tuesday to Sunday, 10:00-20:00.
  • Admission: 6 €
  • Curator: María José Aranzasti.
Antton Elizegi. Ramas en Elizondo
Antton-Elizegi. Serie Troncos de Agiña y Garate 1968
Antton Elizegi. Serie Torres de alta tensión
Antton Elizegi. Caserio Gorostidi Orexa 1974
Antton Elizegi. Meta vacia con manzanal. Metafisica del vacio
Antton Elizegi. Paisaje abstracto
Antton Elizegi. Desmantelamiento de UCEM Hierros siubiendo a cielo in crescendo 2000
Antton Elizegi. Desmantelamiento de UCEM Nave central 2000
Antton Elizegi. Muñecos de Deba. Serie 1975

Antton Elizegi Beloki’s (Lasarte, 1938) passion for photography began at Laborde Brothers business in Andoain, at the same time as he entered into the world of industry, machine tools and design, all of which will later become fundamentals in his professional trajectory.

The photographic work of Elizegi is intimately linked to Nature: innermost and picturesque landscapes, tree trunks, branches, grass metas, uninhabited farmhouses and various architectonic structures.

He always worked in series, letting himself go into diverse experimentations that allowed him to explore and search different artistic possibilities in means of representation, as we see in his most relevant series over his trajectory.

Antton Elizegi’s style is based on a deep, contrast of black and white, where the focus is the shape, lights and shadows, in which Antton searched for strong compositions and constructions.

His photographs gather changes, evolution and the great transformation of our rural and urban scopes in the last five decades.


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