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Hitchcock, beyond suspense

"Hitchcock, beyond suspense" is the first large-scale exhibition about this British filmmaker to be held in Spain. In it, we find the keys to understanding his cinematographic style through blown-up stills, audiovisual displays, storyboards, posters, costumes, etc. Additionally, in summer, there will be showings of some of his best-known films.

  • From 16 June to 01 October 2017.
  • From Tuesday to Sunday, 10:00-20:00.
  • Admission: 6 euros.
  • Curator: Pablo Llorca
  • #STMhitchcock

Accesible exhibition

People with restricted vision will be able to download to their mobile phones specially adapted texts from the hall so that they can thus enjoy the exhibition, thanks to the collaboration of Asociación Begiris.

More pictures in Flickr.

The exhibition is produced by Fundación Telefónica and curated by Pablo Llorca, professor of the History of Cinema and the History of Photography at the Faculty of Fine Arts in the University of Salamanca (USAL). San Sebastián is the first stop on the itinerary of this exhibition which was initially seen in the Espacio Fundación Telefónica between 2016 and 2017.

Hitchcock, beyond suspense is not a linear exhibition about the director’s filmography. On the contrary, its approach is to provide an overview of the essential keys to his cinema, to discover and comprehend him as an all-round figure. Personal and commercial aspects, the fundamental basis of his creative process and his cinematographic language will be portrayed.

The exhibition includes blown-up stills and sequences from his films, storyboards, sketches sets, costumes and hairstyles, posters, photographs, magazines and costumes.

The exhibitions is split into five environments to illustrate the most significant keys to the director’s filmography:

  • Introduction, where we find a summary of his biography and filmography, his relationship with cinema from its early days and his influences in the creation of his iconic works. Special emphasis is placed on the collaborators with whom he worked very intensely.
  • The Hitchcock touch, which covers technical aspects of the director, such as superimposed images, slow motion, the least sophisticated language, the music accompanying dramatic sequences...
  • Women and men, which looks at the difficult relationship between the sexes, and desire as a central driving force of his films.
  • Hitchcock, his time, art and architecture portrays the consciousness the filmmaker had regarding his era and the artistic and cultural context he lived in, which did not go unnoticed in his films.
  • Behind the plot: Hitchcock, appearances and tricks, which shows visitors the system of visual tricks Hitchcock promoted in his films in addition to other means of using the screen to trick the viewer.

Hitchcock in San Sebastián

In its presentation in San Sebastián, the exhibition includes some new elements: stills from the films The Lodger and Blackmail, both from his early days; the 6 minute film Anémic Cinéma by Marcel Duchamp, from Cinédoc in Paris, and fragments of home movies from the 1930s, filmed by Hitchcock or people in his family group. These, from the British Film Institute, show Hitchcock and his loved ones away from the public eye.

Meanwhile, given that the exhibition is being held in San Sebastián, it shows the ties between the director and the city. It was in this city that the world première of Vertigo was held in 1958. The director himself was in attendance. Five photographs taken during his visit to San Telmo will be exhibited, as well as a NoDo newsreel fragment from July of that year.

Activities and guided tours

To accompany the exhibition, the museum has organised showings of Hitchcock films in original version during July. 4th Spellbound (1954); 11th Rebecca (1940) and 18th Vertigo (1958). All showings will begin at 22:00, and admission will be free.

Meanwhile, on 29th July and 26th August, San Telmo By Night will take place. From 20:30, the exhibition will be open with free admission. There will be a bar and music. In addition, at 22:00 The Birds (1963) and Psycho (1960), respectively, will be shown. Admission will be by invitation.

More detailed information about the activities (in spanish)

Moreover, guided tours are also available for groups by prior reservation: Esta dirección electrónica esta protegida contra spambots. Es necesario activar Javascript para visualizarla / 943 48 15 61


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