Novis corpus. 48 confined photographers

On March 15, 2020, a few days after the beginning of the confinement, Teresa Uzeda, a passionate photographer, launched an idea on social media.

"Novis Corpus" is the result of the collaboration of 48 photographers to reflect the confinement caused by the Covid-19 through their photographs. The publication, which can be viewed on this same page, can be purchased at the link provided below. The proceeds from the sale will go to healthcare personnel.

Within the activities related to the Gabriela Cendoya Bergareche Collection, the San Telmo Museum wants to collaborate with this project, expanding its dissemination through the web.

Aitziber Orkolaga
Emmanuelle Gabory
Gabriela Cendoya Bergareche
Joan Teixidor
Joël Van Audenhaege
Patrick Maille



Novis_Corpus_azala__PDF_ikonoa_webDownload Novis Corpus (PDF)

"We were at the beginning of confinement when Teresa Uzeda, passionate photographer, launched an idea on social networks. As we were entering a period that none of us could yet understand, it was important, both to bear witness to this state of confinement, to keep track of it, but also to find ourselves collectively around a project that makes sense. Everyone at home, our only link was social media, where we knew each other ... or not!

The idea was quickly relayed by Gabriela Cendoya Bergareche and, in a day, the project already included around fifty people from diverse origins, Spain, France, Belgium and Italy.

The idea of a book came, in a very modest way at the beginning. It should be a small, sober and "poor" notebook, inexpensive, so that everyone can buy it, but above all, so that it can generate some profits. These profits were a way to give meaning to all of this, to help, with our poor means of confined photographers, those who work daily to save the weakest. These profits would be donated to caregivers who work closest to the sick.

Teresa and Gabriela are joined by Christophe Le Toquin and Francisco Llop Valero, for the apprehension of the technical elements; all four will constitute a kind of editorial committee which then starts to work. They had to think about the layout, the pre-press and find the printing house to make the book.


Size: A5.
Softcover matte.
Paper: Gardapat Klassica. 130 gr
Price: 12 € (+5 € shipping).
Language: Spanish and French

Information and orders: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Very quickly, the idea of two photographs by author appeared, in black and white, and in full page, each will thus have a double page with its two photos. For practical reasons of narration and organization of the images, the authors have each sent from two to five photos.

Novis corpus, the title, has been found by Patrick Maille, one of the participants in the book.

The Latin words for a New Body would be the identifier of this work, the creation of a new stronger organism to fight the deadly virus which locks us in our houses and threatens us all, a collective response, only way to be able to apprehend this threat!

In ten days, the photos arrived, it took ten more days to select, organize, and arrange them; to find a rhythm, tell a story, our story... our collective one!

Novis corpus is dark, it testifies to the confinement and the anxiety of each one, it is charged with our fears and our doubts, with cries and silences. But, it also seeks clarity, the return to light, a peaceful future desired by all. It is already trying to describe the next day, full of our memories, still on edge.

This book is a scar of which we collectively want to be proud. It will make us stronger. Thank you."

Teresa Uzeda, Gabriela Cendoya Bergareche, Christophe Le Toquin, Francisco Llop Valero

Authors: Marie Geneviève Alquier, Pascal Anders, Brigitte Bauer, Christopher de Béthune, Miguel Ángel Blanco, Alex Bocchetto, Cristina Brea Lodeiro, Rocío Bueno, Cristiano Buffa, Gabriela Cendoya Bergareche, Pierre Defaix, Serge Elissalde, Pía Elizondo, Emmanuelle Gabory, Anna Galí, Alfonso Gómez, Ramiro Gomez, Amaia González, Blas González, Héctor Jácome, Katarina Johnson, Lu Lantana, Christophe Le Toquin, Francisco Llop Valero, Alex Llovet, Juan López, Patrick Maille, Paco Martí, María Martínez Artola, Jeanne Minier, Oriol Miñarro, Roberto Morales, Antonio Moreno, José Luis Moreno, Aitziber Orkolaga, Pako Pimienta Annakarin Quinto, Paco Ramos, David Salcedo, Luis Salinas, Antonio Segura, Marc Tallec, Paco Tamayo, Rafael Tanaka Monzó, Joan Teixidor, Teresa Uzeda, Pierre de Vallombreuse, Joël Van Audenhaege.

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