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The Documentation Centre and Library of San Telmo Museum has managed Gabriela Cendoya Bergarache’s collection of photobooks, comprising 2.506 items (download the list in PDF), since May 2017, when Gabriela Cendoya reached an agreement with the museum whose main aim was to make her collection more visible and available to the public, as well as to widen the study and knowledge of this type of artistic expression.

The last 8-10 years have been very important in the evolution of the so-called photobook. Beforehand, there were already important photobooks in existence —and this collection includes some of them—, but over this more recent period there has been an explosion in the phenomenon of the photobook, with many self-published editions and the creation of new domestic and international publishing houses. The Gabriela Cendoya Bergareche collection faithfully portrays this special period in the publishing and creative work of these auteurs. It is currently one of the most complete collections of items from this period.



STM Catalogued photobooks

For a more exhaustive search of the photobooks in the museum:

  1. Enter the Public Reading Network of Euskadi.
  2. Enter the term “fotolibros” in the “Search” field.
  3. Choose the option “Donostia > San Telmo Museoa” in the “in” field.

Photobooks can be consulted in the hall, but you must request them from the hall staff and show an identity document.


A photobook is a book with written text and photographs

Fotolibros de la Colección Gabriela-Cendoya Bergareche

Gabriela Cendoya

“A work of art in itself, in both form and content. Reading them has the power to create an immediate and lasting intimacy with the artist’s work, an experience both intellectual and tactile. The infinite variety of the design or type of printing makes it an extraordinary field of creation and experimentation within photography today, leading to its thoroughly well-deserved recognition at the highest level. At a personal level, intimacy with photobooks opens up fields of perception to me which help me to understand the world in which we live…”.

Horacio Fernández

“We look at books and read them. Photobooks, in addition, have a particular defining characteristic: in these books, images are the text, a text which must be read. The sense of reading occurs each time we turn the page, stoking up the flame of a narration that can be as descriptive or metaphorical as any other book containing only words”.

Nueva York en fotolibros (2016)

Ralph Prins

“An autonomous art form, comparable to a piece of sculpture, a play or a film. Photographs lose their own photographic character as objects in themselves and become parts, translated by the printer’s ink into a dramatic event called a book”.

The photobook: a history. Volume I (Martin Parr and Gerry Badger, 2014)

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