Lucia Moholy, A Hundred Years Later

"Lucia Moholy, A Hundred Years Later" is a selection of 48 photographs by Lucia Moholy. Moholy's contribution to culture as a photographer, art critic, historian and teacher endures and gains greater recognition every day. Her work has been particularly relevant to promote the aesthetics and philosophy of Bauhaus.

  • 21st October - 22nd January, 2017
  • Tuesday to Sunday, 10:00-20:00 (open on 31/10 y 05/12)
  • Tickets 6 € (Tuesdays, free entry)
  • Curator: María Millán
  • #STMmoholy

“... With time we will see that not only has art had influence on photography, but also that photography has had a degree of influence on art”. L. Moholy, 1938

The exhibition Lucia Moholy, A Hundred Years Later aims to position her work in the context of photography at the time and to recognise its relevance nowadays. Although she enjoyed some recognition of her work in the later years of her life, the importance of her legacy has yet to be recognised. Lucia Molhoy was a woman with aesthetic curiosity who participated as an artist and thinker in the artistic avant-garde movement of the 20th century.

Lucia Moholy (Praga, 1894-1989)

Lucia Moholy (1894 – 1989) was born in Prague and studied Philosophy and History of Art. As early as 1915, she showed interest in photography, but it was at Bauhaus, which she joined in 1923 together with her husband László Moholy-Nagy, where she devoted herself to documenting the daily activity of her studios and workshops with her 18x24cm camera.

Moholy, always using natural light, had a special ability to capture the singularity of objects, interior spaces and the furniture that was designed in the school, as well as its well-known architecture.   

The photographic style that she applied both to architecture and to the memorable portraits that she took of her Bauhaus colleagues, playing with perspective and placing the camera to create unexpected points of view, broke with practices closely related to pictorialism and connected with the artistic movement that László Moholy-Nagy called "New Vision".

In 1933, Lucia moved to London where she continued working with photography and writing essays about this subject. Her book A Hundred Years of Photography was published by Penguin with great success in 1939 and is still considered a fundamental contribution to the history of this medium.

The exhibition, consisting of works fromFotostiftung Schweizin Zurich and commissioned by María Millán, is organised bySan Telmo Museumtogether with theFundación Loewe and La Fábrica.

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Maria Millan

Lucia Moholy y su entorno, María Millán

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