European language map


Bronze map in which various plates located at different heights graphically show the presence of the different languages that are spoken in Europe. A small map placed next to it allows us to identify each of the languages. In the same piece, as a background to the map we find the following text engraved in the eight minority languages of Europe: "small languages makes the world bigger"

  • Artist: RIFATERRA, Iñaki y IZAGIRRE, Manex
  • Material: Bronze
  • Measurements: 200 x 275 cm
  • Period: 2018
  • Location: Egia (Duque de Mandas, next to the Tabakalera building)

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The Map of European languages formed part of the Euskarriak de Donostia 2016 project and was located outside Tabakalera, next to the side entrance. It was removed after the year as European capital of culture came to an end and a sculpture by Remigio Mendiburu was placed there instead. Bagera Elkartea took part in this project and asked for the map to be kept after the year as European capital of Culture was over. However, the original map, that was made of wood, was in poor condition - you couldn't differentiate between the languages, so it was decided to replace it with a new map made of bronze. The new map was made in the Alfa Arte workshop in Eibar, out of bronze to make it more resistant to bad weather.