He Left But He Remains

VILABOA BARREIRO, Xose Antonio (Pontevedra, Forcarei 1939)

A representation of the map of Galicia with a gap left by the silhouette of the caricature self-portrait of Daniel Castelao. The removed silhouette is located on the ground. The caricature self-portrait of Castelao is placed next to the gap. The representation of the triskelion of Castromao has been attached to the rear of the sculpture .

  • Artist: VILABOA BARREIRO, Xose Antonio (Pontevedra, Forcarei 1939)
  • Material: Fine granite from Pontevedra and polished black granite (Castelao figure and triskelion)
  • Measurements: 220 x 200 x 30 cm (monument) // Castelao: 120 cm. (Castelao figure height) // 50 cm (triskelion diameter)
  • Signed: Yes, on the base: X. Vilaboa
  • Dated: No
  • Period: 2006
  • Location: Intxaurrondo (Castelao Park)

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The artist’s interpretation of the work is as follows: “... the death of Castelao leaves a big gap in Galicia, and as time goes by, Galicians, regardless of their personal political ideology, are able to state that hey have noticed two feelings: the first, is the acceptance that ‘he has gone’ and the second is the conviction that Castelao ‘stayed in Galicia’ with the vitality of his work, his philosophy, his art and his love for Galicia.” To mark the 75th anniversary of the House of Galicia in Donostia, and in thanks to the city of San Sebastián for the welcome that has been afforded to all Galicians, it was decided to erect this statue. The sculpture has a plaque on which the following inscription can be read: "CASTELAO / FOISE PERO QUEDOUSE / JOAN ZEN BAINO GERATU ZEN / HE WENT BUT HE STAYED / 75th ANNIVERSARY / HOUSE OF GALICIA IN GIPUZKOA / 1931-2006” The sculpture was unveiled on 15th July 2006. Work 50% financed by the Government of Galicia and by popular subscription promoted by the House of Galicia. This space was provided for a sculpture when the park was designed.