Monolithic Stela

IBARROLA, Agustín (Bizkaia, Basauri 1930)

Circular base with a rectangular prism. In the upper part of the prism there is an almost circular open painted blue.

  • Artist: IBARROLA, Agustín (Bizkaia, Basauri 1930)
  • Material: Cement
  • Measurements: 150 x 77 x 22.5 cm
  • Signed: Cannot be seen
  • Dated: Cannot be seen
  • Period: 1988
  • Location: Old Part (Port Breakwater)

 Take me there

The work includes a plaque featuring the geophysical data of the port. The stela was designed by Agustín Ibarrola and the twelve copies made in reinforced concrete by Manuel Jiménez Alamillo. “Commissioned in 1988 by the Department for Transport and Public Works of the Basque Government to create a series of sculptures to be installed in the ports of Gipuzkoa and Bizkaia under the legislation of the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country. The twelve stelae, which all feature a large eye on a parapet, were installed in the ports of Plentzia, Armintza, Bermeo, Mundaka, Elantxobe, Lekeitio and Ondarroa, and those of San Sebastián, Mutriku, Getaria, Orio and Hondarribia" The work was installed in 1990.