Ignacio Zuloaga

BEOBIDE GOIBURU, Julio (Gipuzkoa, Zumaia 1891-1969)

Bust of Ignacio Zuloaga.

  • Artist: BEOBIDE GOIBURU, Julio (Gipuzkoa, Zumaia 1891-1969)
  • Material: Bronze
  • Measurements: 55 x 44 x 34 cm
  • Signed: Yes, signature on the right hand side: J. Beobide 0/2 Sello Capa
  • Dated: No
  • Period: 1938
  • Location: Old Part (Plaza Zuloaga)

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When work began on Plaza Zuloaga, the family of the sculptor Beobide offered the City Council a bronze bust of Ignacio Zuloaga made by the sculptor in 1983. The purchase was approved at the Commission Meeting on 24th November 1992, and the piece unveiled in 1993.