Raimundo Sarriegui

LOPETEGUI GOIKOETXEA, José (San Sebastián 1896 - )

Bust of Raimundo Sarriegui

  • Artist: LOPETEGUI GOIKOETXEA, José (San Sebastián 1896 - )
  • Material: Bronze
  • Measurements: 78 x 45 x 50 cm (bust) // 178 x 172 cm (base diameter)
  • Signed: Yes, signature of the foundry on both pieces: FUNDICION G. PIRIZ IRUN
  • Dated: No
  • Period: 2002
  • Location: Old Part (Plaza Sarriegi)

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Ensemble formed by the bust of Raimundo Sarriegui looking at the eponymous square and the “Monument to the Drummer”. To the left of the bust and a little behind is a figure of a drummer looking at a large plaque showing the lyrics of the March of San Sebastián. "RAIMUNDO SARRIEGUI / 1838 – 1913” can be read on the base of the bust of Raimundo Sarriegui. In 2002, due to the remodelling work in Plaza Sarriegi, this copy was made in bronze to substitute the other one, in concrete, made by José LOPETEGI GOIKOETXEA in 1964. The replica was made by Nino Barriuso.