Duque de Mandas

BARRIOLA, José Joaquín (San Sebastián 1895 - Venezuela, Caracas 1984)

Bust of Fermín de Lasala y Collado (1832-1917), Duke of Mandas.

  • Artist: BARRIOLA, José Joaquín (San Sebastián 1895 - Venezuela, Caracas 1984)
  • Material: Pí marble (Italy)
  • Measurements: 60 x 34 x 30 cm // 158 x 49 x 30 cm (base)
  • Signed: Yes, on the left hand side: Joaquín Barriola XXVI
  • Dated: 1926
  • Period: 1926
  • Location: Egia (Cristina Enea Park, in front of the palace)

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Work commissioned by the Permanent Municipal Commission on 4th December 1925. It was unveiled on 2nd June 1926. The following words can be read on the base: WITH GRATITUDE FROM THE PEOPLE / OF / SAN SEBASTIÁN / TO HIS EXCELLENCY / THE DUKE OF MANDAS / YEAR MCMXXVI”. Fermín Lasala y Collado (Gipuzkoa, Donostia - San Sebastián 1832 - Madrid? 1917) Duke of Mandas. Lawyer and progressive politician for Unión Liberal from 1856. Lower Chamber Representative 1857-1859. From his position, in 1857, he applied pressure to the Compañía de Caminos de Hierro del Norte de España (Northern Spain Railway Company) to begin work on the railway through Gipuzkoa. He was a Life Senator when Alfonso XII came to the throne, and later became Minister for Internal Development. As a minister, he fought against the Fueristas (Charterists). He was twice ambassador, in Paris and in London. He was President of the Board of Public Instruction and twice president of the State Council.