Tribute to the Basque Pelota Player

ALBERDI ELORZA, José (Gipuzkoa, Azkoitia 1922)

On a pedestal, a figure (from knee to neck) with shapes that represent a pelota player.

  • Artist: ALBERDI ELORZA, José (Gipuzkoa, Azkoitia 1922)
  • Material: Hollow bronze on stone
  • Measurements: 79 x 98 x 400 cm // 90 x 216 x 130 cm (base)
  • Signed: Yes, at the rear, on the base: Alberdi & Niky 1990
  • Dated: Yes
  • Period: 1990
  • Location: Antiguo (Plaza Alfonso XIII or Plaza del Frontón)

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Acquired by the City Council (approved by Government Commission on 11th April 1990) and unveiled on 18th January 1991.